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Copper Bonded Rods

Copper Bonded Grounded Rods

Copper Bonded Grounded Rods probably offer to the installer the best and the most economical earth rods available. They are made molecularly bonding 99.98 pure Electrolytic Copper (CU) on to a low carbon steel core to thickness up to 0.35mm.


Threaded Copper Bonded Rods

Threaded Copper Bonded Grounded Rods

For deep driving to depths necessary to obtain good conducting level for uniform low-resistance grounds. The features are same as of Pointed/Plain Copper Bonded Rods. Cold-rolled threads at each end for joining the various lengths of rods together with couplings.


Advanced Copper Bonded Grounding Electrodes

Advanced Copper Bonded Ground Electrodes

Copper Bonded Earth Rods Earthing rods Grounding Accessories Earthing Rod Specialist in Copper Rods, Copper Pipe, Ground Rods, Copper Earthing Electrodes. Low impedance grounding is essential to protect transmitting facilities and personnel from external or internal electrical anomalies.


Super Earthing Kit

Galvanized Rods

Zinc coated exteriors are hot dip galvanized for protection against corrosion. In accordance with ASTM Spec. A153-67 surfaces are rigidly inspected to eliminate seams, silvers and other defects. Tensile strength is not less then 76000 psi.