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JAM Fill Compound

The basic purpose of the mineral filling compound is to reduce electrode to soil resistance and to create a low resistance zone surrounding the electrode to provide a uniform environment so that the electrode output is constant. Use of salt & charcoal is eliminated in the method of effective Earthing & instead a specially developed, natural eco friendly material with improved properties is used.

This is non corrosive, has capacity to absorb & retain moisture from the surrounding. Being non soluble in water, it stays at the place and in not washed out by the rain water/underground water. This mineral filling compound is highly conductive.
Jam Fill Compound

Back fill compound : Back fill compound is a conductivity improver compound. It is a specially developed compound for having quality of highly conduciveness, non corrosive, absorbing & retaining the moisture for a long time.


With the use of components of high quality that get procured from reliable vendors of the market, we offer Back Fill Compound Jam Fill). These products find application in many industries spread across the country. The products offered by us eliminate the use of salt and charcoal around the electrode. Our products have following features:

  • High conductive
  • Non corrosive
  • Reduce soil resistivity
  • Retain moisture for a long time


Normal soil :
Augur / Drill / Bore a hole of 8 - 10 inches in diameter to a suitable depth of 2 or 3 meters (Electrode length)

  • Mix JAM Fill compound nicely with dug out soil.
  • Throw handful of compound soil mix into pit.
  • Remove plastic sleeve carefully from electrode.
  • Place naked electrode at center of pit.
  • Start refilling empty space around electrode with backfill compound in small quantities.
  • Then pour some water and poke the pit with a long wooden rod, to allow trapped air to escape.
  • In this manner gradually continue refilling process till electrode is buried in the pit, up to the green patch painted on the top portion of electrode.
  • Ensure that pit is not watery.
  • Pack electrode with compound nicely and tightly, so that it stands firmly in pit.
  • Pour a few buckets of water around pit.
  • Test earth resistivity of electrode. If result is satisfactory, connect it with equipment.
  • If result is not satisfactory, give some time for electrode system to set in soil.
  • Then check ohmic value and connect with equipment.
    In hard soil conditions, do not mix compound with dug out soil, and follow above procedure.
  • f auguring is not possible up to 3 meters inform customer/dealer.
  • Pour a few buckets of water around the pit everyday for 10 - 15 days for system to set.


  • Do not Drop Earthing electrode in pit.
  • Do not use force to drive electrode into pit.
  • Do not hammer or cut electrode while installing.
  • Remove the transparent plastic cover before installation.
  • Ensure that electrode terminal and green color patch are above the soil.
  • Apply petroleum jelly on terminal and terminal hole.
    Ensure that the entire length of electrode always remains buried in soil.
  • During peak summer months pour a few buckets of water in and around electrode for a few days. If you are in doubt, contact our dealer.
  • If soil in pit sinks, fill it with good soil


Conductive concrete must be environmentally neutral. It must set up in situ to from a solid and must not leach, dissolve or migrate into the soil or water. May be installed dry or mixed with water to form a slurry for horizontal or vertical applications. The material must be maintenance free and not require recharging of any kind i.e. watering, chemicals or salts. The material must have a dry resistivity of less than 10 ohm cm and an ability to reduce corrosion by at least 80%.


Maintenance Free

JAM Fill electrodes are maintenance-free over their functional lifetime. There are NO hydration or salt replacement requirements with JAM Fill.

Environmentally Neutral/PH Neutral

JAM Fill has no negative impact on the environment. In fact, it has been approved for use by regulatory agencies in many environmentally sensitive areas where aquifer cross-contamination is a concern.
JAM Fill is water impermeable and pH neutral when setup and will not corrode copper conductors.
No salts will leach into or contaminate the soil. JAM Fill has levels far below acceptable limits (see Technical Specification).

Long Life Expectancy

Independent testing indicates that JAM Fill can reduce electrolytic corrosion. The photos show two copper samples, one bare copper and the other embedded in JAM Fill. The JAM Fill reduced the amount of electrolytic corrosion by 86%.

JAM Fill can extend the life of grounding systems by a factor of 10. Electrodes protected by JAM Fill will last in excess of 25 years in many cases.

Compressive Strength and Low Shrinkage

  • JAM Fill electrodes are permanent, will not wash away and will withstand heavy ground fault currents.
  • JAM Fill bonds or knits to the surrounding soil resulting in a superior electrode due to the constant contact with the surrounding soil.

High Voltage/Current Test

JAM Fill is the only grounding backfill that has documented evidence of high fault current withstand.

Water Absorption

JAM Fill is a very hygroscopic material. JAM Fill is constantly hydrating and therefore continuously absorbing any available moisture from the surrounding soil. The result is an electrode that delivers more stable resistance to ground over time even during dry conditions.

Low Impedance

The ability to provide low impedance is critical to dissipate lightning energy quickly in order to protect assets from damage. JAM Fill's low impedance is due to the low resistance, high capacitance and low inductance of the unique blend of materials.


  • Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Residential