JMV LPS Limited

Electrical Earthing Electrode


Earthing is a major requirement for protecting human life, physical damages to electrical appliances & other sophisticated electronic equipments, machines etc. JMV is A-one manufacturer and wholesaler of Chemical Earthing Electrodes in India. We bring forth a wide range of Earthing Electrodes for best and maintenance free grounding system to provide safety to sensitive equipments from voltage surge and transients. The Earthing System is fabricated using cutting-edge technologies and properly tested on strict parameters to meet international standards.

We Manufacture different varieties of Earthing Electrodes for safe earthing in varied applications and use the best chemicals and other materials to ensure durability and reliable performance over a long period of time.

Chemical Maintenance Free Earthing Electrodes are used in Electrical Earthing. These chemical earthing electrodes provide years of hassle free service by supplying low value in ohms during its life span of more than 20 years, as these electrodes are installed in the ground by using Backfill Compound which is also manufactured by us which is highly hygroscopic, and non-corrosive in nature.

These earthing electrodes are manufactured by using superior quality raw material and other equipment. We are indorsed by a team of rigorous quality professionals who perform a testing on all produced electrodes. A revolutionary corrosion free grounding system provides high-tech and noise free earthing to electrical, electronics, communication, and data (digital & analog) and lightning systems. The unique technology and components which are used in the manufacturing of these electrodes make them work like a highly conductive path, in this manner helping to pass the fault current and make the difficulty of earth to a neutral difference in power. Moreover, it also provides a longer life to the electrode and also minimizes the possibility of corrosion, in so doing help in reducing surge impedances.

Our earthing electrodes are high on demand amidst our valuable customers for their extensive features such as longer service life, high conductivity, high quality standards, user friendly nature and a natural chemical composition in India. And these broad features ensure an effective earthing processes and other electrical engineering maintenance as our adroit team of professionals and engineers put a great deal of efforts and hard work with the purpose of produce these grounding electrodes. We avail these safe earthing electrodes to the clients at highly cost effective and market leading prices. We have been successful in achieving complete consumer satisfaction. Additional, we offer the qualitative assortment of Electrodes to our clients as per their customized requirements, depending upon the specific industry needs.

Why need JMV Electrical Earthing

  • To assure protection of life and property from dangers of electric shock and electric fires.
  • To assure that system voltages on healthy lines remain within reasonable limits under fault conditions thereby preventing insulation breakdowns.
  • To give a low impedance path to facilitate the satisfactory action of protective devices under fault conditions.
  • To minimize arcing burn downs as in an earthed system arcing fault would produce a current in ground path thereby providing an easy means of detecting and tripping against phase to earth arcing fault breakdowns.
  • To give a substitute path for induced current and diminish the electrical noise in cables.

JMV Electrical Earthing Advantages

  • JMV safe earthing electrodes have strip in pipe technology.
  • Earth resistance value remains un-changed for many years
  • The Backfill compound used is not soluble in water or soil and it is a part of the soil around the electrode.
  • JMV Electrical Earthing needs less time and space to install
  • Advance Technology for effective earthing from the right people
  • JMV Safe Earthing System is cost effective, maintenance free, and safe.
  • JMV Earthing Electrode is environment favorable
  • JMV Electrical Earthing is also available customized sizes according to the application
  • JMV Grounding System is helpful in common electrical system faults like Spikes, Transients, Overvoltage, Under Voltage.

A Maintenance free Chemical Earthing System

  • Long and reliable average life of more than 20 years
  • Maintenance Free grounding system
  • High money-spinning on maintenance and replacement more than 20 years
  • High Resistance to corrosion and Low electrical resistance to earth
  • Perfect grounding system for electric appliances and electrical equipments
  • Save life and property from grounding related electrical risks