JMV LPS Limited

Copper Clad Earth Rods


Our copper Clad Ground Rods or Copper Clad Earth Rods are molecularly bonded by 99.9% pure electrolytic copper on high tensile low carbon steel rod, these earth rods conform to BS 4360 grade 43A. Our rods are an ideal threaded copper clad rods and provide the user an economical and efficient grounding system.

We specialize in producing customized Copper clad earth rods and can manufacture ground rods as per your desired length and diameter and shapes. We have capacity of supplying the material at shortest possible time and we maintain a good stock of all most all the popular models.
Features & Advantages:
  • Very Safe & Reliable.
  • Good Conductivity.
  • More than 40-years product service life.
  • Low cost & Easy to installation.
  • Strong corrosion resistance.
  • Evenly plated free of cracks, holes, cavities etc.
  • The copper clad grounding rod can be bent 90 degrees without any ill effect.
  • Suitable all soil conditions.
  • Can be driven to great depths.


  • Copper Clad rods can be made double heads threaded.
  • One end is pointed and the other threaded for extend.
  • One end is pointed and the other un-threaded.
  • Copper thickness available from 10 mircon to 330 micron.
  • Special sizes and copper thickness can be supplied on request


It is broadly used for transformer substation, power plant, electric transmission line poles and towers, communication base station, airport, railway, high-rise building, microwave relay station, grid machine house, petrochemical works, storage depot and other places of lightning protection and grounding, anti-static grounding, protective grounding.

Packaging Detail:

Sea worthy export packaging in wooden cartons strapped with galvanized steel strips or in Jute Bags.