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Copper Bonded Grounding Rods


An electric power system always has a threat of getting affected by fault current. The “fault current” is not only dangerous for the efficiency of our valuable equipment but it can also take the human life. These hazardous can be controlled with the use of JMV’s high quality Grounding System.

JMV’s Copper Bonded Earth Rod is molecularly bonded with 99.98% pure Electrolytic grade Copper (CU) over a low carbon tensile steel rod with the thickness of 254 micron copper coating.

The low carbon tensile steel comply with BS 970 & AISI 1018 that has great capacity of being stretched or extended at least up to 600 N/mm2. The steel rods are extremely opposed to oxidization and add a lot of strength & longevity to grounding system. The copper used in the earth rods conform to BS 4360 grade 43A. Each copper bonded steel earth rods is treated with advanced technologies to prevent oxidation of copper bonding for effective use in the extreme soil condition such as high salt or moisture content.

The copper layer is bonded to steel core through an electrolytic process that ensures a perfect and tough bonding between the steel and the copper The ground rods are fully covered with copper without any cracks, holes, cavities etc and prevent exposure of the steel core to soil and moisture. Therefore it can resist corrosion better and has capacity of being driven to a great depths.

Features & Advantages:

  • Safe & Reliable.
  • Excellent Conductivity.
  • More than 40-years product life.
  • Easy installation and low construction cost
  • Suitably treated for strong corrosion resistance.
  • Uniformed plating free of cracks, holes, cavities etc.
  • The Copper Bonded Ground rod can be bent 90 degrees without any copper fracture or any ill effect.
  • Suitable for different humidity, temperature and PH value of the soil conditions.
  • Can be driven to great depths.
  • We can supply ground rod in all sizes and shapes, threaded and/ or tipped.
  • Standard copper thickness of 254 micron or can be customized on request.


  • Copper Bonded Ground rods can be made double heads threaded.
  • One end is pointed and the other threaded for extend.
  • One end is pointed and the other un-threaded.
  • Copper thickness available from 10mircon to 330 micron.
  • Special sizes and copper thickness can be supplied on request


It is broadly used for transformer substation, power plant, electric transmission line poles and towers, communication base station, airport, railway, high-rise building, microwave relay station, grid machine house, petrochemical works, storage depot and other places of lightning protection and grounding, anti-static grounding, protective grounding.

Packaging Detail

Sea worthy export packaging in jute bags or wooden cartons strapped with galvanized steel strips.

JMV’s Copper Bonded Ground Rod is a product that helps in dissipating the fault current to help your assets being damaged from the hazards of fault current. JMV Copper bonded earthing rods are manufactured according to the UL standard which is internationally accepted. JMV is a pioneer in manufacturing copper clad steel grounding rods with a remarkable production capacity of producing 3000 rods per day and that enables us to meet the shortest possible delivery time.The copper bonded earth rods are made in two types:

Non-threaded Copper Bonded Rod

These type of rods are molecularly bonded with 99.98% pure Electrolytic Copper (CU) over a low carbon tensile steel rod, with the thickness of 254 micron copper coating. Read More

Threaded Copper Bonded Rod

In the copper clad rods the top and the bottom are threaded using the Cold rolling process. This process is done by forming a wave on both the top and the bottom of the rod. Read More